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Silverado – ‘See no Evil’ Sterling-Silber 925 Bead – Passt Auf Pandora Chamilia Und Troll Armbänder

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The charms are manufactured by ‘Silverado’ using the finest 925 silver and 14 ct gold. Only natural semi precious and precious stones are used in the jeweled pieces, except in the birthstone range where cubic zirconium are used, all the stones are hand set by qualified craftsmen, no gluing takes place anywhere in the manufacturing process. The glass beads are manufactured using the finest murano glass. Murano bead-making begins by using Murrine (colored glass canes) composed of silica (a derivative of sand or quartz) mixed with other elements. The production of these colored canes is a significant challenge, because the process involved in color fabrication is extremely sensitive and must be done with total accuracy.

How to take care of your Jewellery:

Special care should be taken when wearing your Silverado Jewellery.

– Dropping your Jewellery on the floor could cause the beads to break. This pertains especially to our murano glass.

– Vigorous activities can put your bracelet and beads under duress.

– Excess exposure to water should be avoided.

To ensure that Silverado Jewellery always looks at its best, the following cleaning method should be followed:

– Use a soft cloth or a jeweler’s polishing cloth.

– Rub each piece gently.

– Store separately from your other jewellery.

– Do not use chemicals or toothpaste.

Threading the beads:

– The core of each bead has a unique bump system.

– Three bumps are strategically placed along each chain.

– Ensure that the bead is lined up straight before attempting to thread your bracelet.

– Gently turn your bead over the thread.

– If the bead gets stuck, realign your bead and re thread.

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